Webinar Series | Turn Your UAV into a Professional Mapping Solution

Using ApplanixPPK Cloud Service for UAV or Drone Survey and Mapping

September 8, 2021 10 AM EDT (3PM BST | 4PM CEST) Your Desk!

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This webinar will demonstrate how to use ApplanixPPK (Post-Processed Kinematic) for surveying and mapping with unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.

With more products becoming available in the market as a service, Applanix has embraced this approach and now offers an easy-to-use web app cloud service to post-process kinematic differential GNSS position for UAVs and drones. This service is a complete workflow, requiring no expertise by the user.

What you can expect from this webinar:

  • what is ApplanixPPK, and how does it work?
  • what are the benefits of using post-processed kinematic (PPK) vs real-time kinematic (RTK)?
  • what is included, and how to subscribe?
  • features and benefits of ApplanixPPK
  • Q&A session with our experts

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Nico Jaeger

POSPac Product Manager, Applanix

Nico has been with Applanix since 2005 and has been the project manager for POSPac for the last year. Prior to that, he worked as a Regional Support Manager for air and land.