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February 6-8, 2022 | Colorado Convention Center | Denver, CO, USA


Come see Applanix’ powerful mobile mapping solutions for air and land vehicles, as well as our DG set of OEM boards designed specifically for professional mapping with a UAV. Plus, learn more about our fully-customizable Autonomy Development platform which offers professional support at any stage of development, or our industry-leading POSPac post-processing software with CenterPoint® RTX™ for centimeter-level accuracy without base stations.
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Best Practices for High-Precision UAV Mapping using Lidar/Camera Payloads

February 6, 2022 | 8:00 AM - 11:45 AM MT

Professional grade Lidar systems are currently being used on board uncrewed airborne systems for high precision mapping applications. This session is intended for the uncrewed airborne lidar user community including mapping professionals, land surveyors, managers, and business decision makers to understand the underlying concepts of high precision mapping by Lidar from the technical and business perspectives, in the form of theory and practice, using real data sets from around the world. This session will focus on the following topics:

• Project requirement identification
• Platform and payload choice
• Technology: Lidar or camera; RTK, PPK or DG
• Mission planning and site preparation
• Data acquisition and pre-processing quality control
• Data processing best practices
• Implications of a UAS payload calibration and quality control
• Accuracy assessment of UAS mapping products

Virtually presented by Mohamed Mostafa, our Lead Technical Authority for Mobile Mapping at Applanix, and hosted by Don Speedy, Sales and Business Development Manager for Land Products (Americas) at Applanix.

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What We're Showing


APX Family of OEM Boards

Uncrewed Products: APX Family of OEM Boards, LVX, AP

Our GNSS-Inertial technology is designed to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of aerial survey from UAVs by directly georeferencing each point of sensor data without extensive GCPs (Ground Control Points) or flight line overlap.

Our POS LVX is available as a turn-key or OEM GNSS-Inertial solution that supports two antenna headings for the highest accuracy in all dynamic conditions. With a compact footprint, ease of integration, and fast setup, the POS LVX is designed for superior performance and meets the needs of autonomous vehicle manufacturers in all phases of operation.

More about our UAV solutionsVehicle Automation solutions

Crewed Products: Mobile Mapping Solutions, POS AV, POS LV

Applanix develops, sells, and supports stable, reliable, and repeatable positioning solutions for Land-, Air-, and Sea-based vehicles. They are easy to incorporate, and designed to operate under the most difficult conditions and environments.

More about our Terrestrial Mobile Mapping & Airborne Mapping

POSPac MMS 8 with Trimble CenterPoint® RTX

POSPac Mobile Mapping Suite, now with Trimble CenterPoint® RTX™, is Applanix' next generation, industry-leading software for Direct Georeferencing of mobile mapping sensors using GNSS and inertial technology.

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POSPac UAV turns your UAV into a low-cost, highly efficient, professional-grade mapping solution compatible with cameras, LiDAR and other mapping sensors.

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Brochures and Datasheets


APX Boards AP+ Air UAV Solutions Mobile Mapping Solutions
APX-15 EI UAV AP+ 18 Air UAS Master POS LV
APX-15 UAV AP+ 18 EI Air GNSS Target Base Station POS LV 125
APX-20 UAV AP+ 50 Air POSPac UAV Cloud POS AV
  AP+ 60 Air   POSPac MMS 8


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