Come see Applanix’ powerful mobile mapping solutions for air and land vehicles, as well as our DG set of OEM boards designed specifically for professional mapping with a UAV. Plus, learn more about our fully-customizable Autonomy Development platform which offers professional support at any stage of development, or our industry-leading POSPac post-processing software with CenterPoint® RTX™ for centimeter-level accuracy without base stations.

Skip the Line-Ups
Book a one-on-one meeting with an Applanix representative in advance, for expert advice on how our solutions can address your specific needs.  We’ll answer your questions, and direct you to the product most suited for you.

Find out about joint Applanix and Phase One Industrial Workshop on Airborne Mapping and Surveying!
The workshop will be held on November 13 & 14, 2019 at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, just under 30 minutes away from Denver International Airport (CO). Join us and you will learn more about Direct Georeferencing (DG) and how it improves the efficiency and accuracy of mapping from manned and unmanned platforms; Applanix’ Industry-leading GNSS-Inertial solutions and technology; new revolutionary features of POSPac and much more...