Augmentation Solutions for UAV Survey & Mapping

Webinar Series | Turn Your UAV into a Professional Mapping Solution

Part II: GNSS Augmentation Systems for UAV Survey and Mapping

September 24, 2020 Your Desk!

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This is the second webinar in our series, "Turn Your UAV into a Professional Mapping Solution". This installment will focus on using the differential corrections systems required to accurately georeference your UAV survey and mapping imagery.

What you can expect from part 2:

We will explore three different solutions for correcting your UAV imagery. These solutions include working with:

  • a physical base station
  • a virtual reference station (Applanix SmartBase)
  • Trimble’s global PP-RTX solution

We will provide details on how each solution operates, as well as information on when best to use each solution. We will also cover post-processing the data with POSPac UAV to produce accurately georeferenced image data ready for product generation within an end-user application. 

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Brad Schmidt

Global UAV Sales Manager, Applanix

Brad is a geomatics specialist with a passion for helping companies turn their UAVs into professional mapping solutions.

Kurt Bioletti

Product Support Analyst, Applanix

Kurt is a geomatics engineer with a background in inertial and photogrammetric techniques, currently supporting Applanix's UAV users.