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Using Trimble Post-Processed RTX (PP-RTX) for UAV Survey and Mapping

May 19, 2021 11 AM EDT Your Desk!

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Sometimes it is just not practical to use a physical base station to correct your UAV data to centimetre level survey-grade accuracy. This can be the case when flying long baselines, such as those with BVLOS requirements or when flying in hazardous areas where establishing ground control points may be too dangerous. The solution is to use either a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) or, even better Trimble’s global Post-Processed RTX solution (PP-RTX). 

What you can expect from part 4:

  • what is PP-RTX?
  • how does PP-RTX work?
  • best uses for PP-RTX
  • Q&A session with our experts

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Brad Schmidt

Global UAV Sales Manager, Applanix

Brad is a geomatics specialist with a passion for helping companies turn their UAVs into professional mapping solutions.

Nithin Kumar

Product Support Analyst, Applanix

Nithin is a geomatics engineer with a background in inertial and photogrammetric techniques, currently supporting Applanix UAV users.